Hi. 👋🏼
I’m David.

David Lyle JonesI am a federal graphic designer, lover of liberty,
and avid user of Apple products.

I currently serve as the information design and quality specialist on the VHA Digital Media Team for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. I have ten years of experience as a graphic design within the federal and higher education sectors. I also served on the board of the former U.S. Interagency Council on Printing and Publications Services which advised the leadership of the Government Publishing Office and the Congressional Joint Committee on Printing.

In my doctoral studies on organizational development and leadership, my focus was the modernization of federal leadership development through individual empowerment. My master’s degree is in organizational leadership where I worked on crafting a (small “l”) libertarian definition of leadership. I began my academic career in religious studies and biology with a research interest in goddess theology within Israelite and early Christian communities.

Want to connect? Email me at david@jonesdl.com or follow me on Twitter.

Disclaimer: Views are my own and obviously not those of my employer.